"they simply do not do boring" - Review on David's Whisky Musings

by Ian Schmidt on

"I love Tin Shed for its delicious, and shall I say, robust whisky. It excites me as they simply do not do boring, everything I have sampled from...

"It’s rum Jim but not as we know it..." - The Fat Rum Pirate Reviews 'SS Ferret'

by Ian Schmidt on

The reviews of our Requiem 'SS Ferret' keep on coming as rum reviewers from overseas discover our unique Australian Pot Still Rum offering. We just uncovered another review...

Den's Dram Deconstructed Event - We came, we reconstructed, we conquered!

by Ian Schmidt on

Cheers to all the whisky enthusiasts (and fans of fried chicken) who attended this year's Iniquity Den's Dram Deconstruction event on July 4th, organised by NOLA Adelaide. Check...

The Sustainable Tin Shed

by Ian Schmidt on

Here at The Shed we are chipping away at sustainability, doing what we can, while we can.

Wicked Whisky

by Ian Schmidt on

A poem by, well, Ian sort of.

Artisan Tools

by Ian Schmidt on - 3 Comments

You may or may not be aware that later this year we are moving from our distillery home for the last twenty years to a new home at...

A Word About Awards

by Ian Schmidt on

Awards... What are they worth, and what do they mean? Spirit awards exist for the benefit of three groups; The consumer, who hopefully gets some idea of a...

"(We) should be making more rum." - The Lone Caner Reviews 'SS Ferret'

by Ian Schmidt on

It's been a while since we launched our very first rum, SS Ferret, and the great reviews just keep on coming! In this interview with 'The Lone Caner'...

Cat on A Tin-Shed Roof - Clandestine Whisky Interview

by Ian Schmidt on

David Pearce of 'Clandestine Whisky' recently interviewed Ian and Vic, summing things up well when discussing this unique working partnership. We invite you to read the original article...

The Den's Dram Event, First Release & Pirate Girls

by Ian Schmidt on

On a quiet Tuesday night in November 2021, around 50 whisky tragics gathered at the Joiners’ Arms Hotel, opposite Cooper’s Stadium in Hindmarsh, S.A. for our first official...

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