A Journey in Spirit

To start distillery from scratch it helps if you are either wealthy, or crazy, or preferably both!  

It certainly takes determination, dedication and an unshakeable belief in the dream. In a sense it has been a real journey in spirit, even before the first spirit started flowing from the stills. Tin Shed Distilling Co. has been built on this spirit.

More than money, more than a dream you need passion. 

Every step of the process we employ is hands on; from milling the malt, stirring the mash, making the cut and moving the barrels, to judging which casks to use, bottling, labelling and shipping bottles of spirit to our clients and friends. True, we are more hands-on than some may consider necessary, but that is how we choose to make our spirits because we believe our way produces the depth of flavour we demand of our products.

In short, we simply would not do it any other way. Bringing our whisky, rum, vodka and gin to the market has been a real journey, that has tested our individual and collective spirit at every step! We are proud of what we have achieved. We now invite you to share our passion, and enjoy your own journey in spirit, our spirits.

A Simple Philosophy

Our Philosophy
It's a simple philosophy - to make the very best spirits we can, because we only want to sell and drink the best.

The Passion
Our passion at Tin Shed Distilling Co. is to produce the very best spirits that we can, using the best locally-sourced materials, and to share that passion with you, our clients and friends. This passion started with the whisky we call Iniquity and carries through to all of our spirits.

The Grand Plan
To provide our clients and friends with world-class, inspirational, South Australian whisky and spirits... Iniquity Whisky, Requiem Rum, Piotr Vodka, and a Gin yet to be named!

The Company

Tin Shed Distilling Company Pty Ltd is a partnership of like-minded and experienced distillers who share a dream of producing quality spirits from local South Australian ingredients. The company commenced distilling in the middle of 2013 and the spirit started flowing.

The Brands

‘INIQUITY’ Whisky... sinful, immoral, or wicked. An appropriate name for a whisky really, because anything this good is usually immoral, illegal, sinful... or just plain fattening! We say, reward yourself with a dram of liquid sunshine at the end of a hard day... or just because you deserve one of life’s wicked pleasures.

‘REQUIEM’ Rum… a liquid memorial to ships and sailors lost at sea. A serious pot still rum for grown-ups, with no added sugar or spices; and no better way to raise a glass to those in peril on the sea. 

‘PIOTR’ Vodka… named after founding partner Vic Orlow’s father, a Russian Cossack refugee with a love for vodka. A skillful blend of our own malt and wheat spirit that will have you singing along with Mullumbimby cult choir Dusty Esky!

The Bird
Featured on our INIQUITY whisky, the first spirit released, it looks a lot like a double-headed Phoenix, an ancient mythical bird, it also resembles the Piping Shrike, which appears on the flag of South Australia. Sitting, as it does, on a strand of barbed wire, our bird proclaims our South Australian heritage and the difficult journey travelled in realising our dream. One head looks back to the distilling traditions of the past and the other looks to the future and our philosophy.

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