• by Ian Schmidt

None of us at The Shed are big fans of cask strength spirits. Spirits in excess of 60% ABV quite literally inhibit your ability to taste things, so why bother drinking high alcohol spirits when you can't taste them to their full effect? High strength alcohol in the hands of inexperienced consumers is potentially harmful to your health too. The question then is, if you can't get the full taste benefit, and it is potentially bad for you, why make it and why drink it?

The answer is that sometimes whiskies are just better at cask strength. Every now and again a single cask will deliver a taste sensation that is truly unique and truly exceptional, especially at higher strength alcohol.

When we at The Shed bottle a Gold Label INIQUITY, we do so because we think that it is an exceptional whisky. We anticipate that it will deliver layer after layer, of aromas and tastes that will enthrall and entertain you for hours in an organoleptic experience that justifies the effort we put into making it, and the dollars you put into buying it.

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